Christmas Gifting

Deciding on holiday gifts for friends and family can be a stressful task.  You want the gift to be fun or thoughtful or sentimental (or all of those things in one gift) and that can result in an overwhelming trip to the mall or hours spent scrolling through online shops looking for just the right thing.

I get stumped on gifts for my family year after year and I always end up coming back to photos.  Photo gifts, whether I’m gifting a framed enlargement, mug or puzzle have always been not only appreciated, but cherished.  Here are 6 photo gift ideas that are guaranteed to go over well.

Create a Photo Collage

Photo collages are a great way to include several images to tell a story.  Whether it’s a group of your favourite images from your summer vacation or camping trip with friends, sometimes you need more than one image to properly commemorate a moment in time.  Printing and framing a photo collage is really easy.


Gift a mug for your favourite coffee lover

The great thing about photo mugs is how customizable they are!  From one image to even 21, you can remind your favourite coffee (or tea) lover how loved and appreciated they are every morning when they reach for their personalized mug.  Adding text and message are easy with this gift too.  But first, coffee.


Frame an image from your family vacation

Printing and framing images from your family vacation is an absolutely classic gift.  I stopped buying souvenirs from vacations years ago in exchange for taking the time to grab a few really memorable images.  Those images end up printed, framed, wrapped up under the tree and finally and hung in our living room.


Print your cell phone photos in a photo book

More than ever, people are using their cell phone cameras to take photos every single day.  There can be thousands of images stored on a phone and unless you’re diligent about printing them, it’s easy for them to over take your phone storage space.  Why not create a type of yearbook with all your cell phone images from the last year? Photobooks are easy to create with templates, pre designed layouts and auto fill options that will make the design process faster than you’d think.


Create a desk or wall calendar

Printing a calendar has become a yearly tradition in my house.  Every November (or early December if I’ve procrastinated) I gather my favourite images from the last year and incorporate them into a calendar.  I usually try to place the images in the month they occurred (Halloween photos always end up in October) and each month of the new year we’re excited to look back on what we did the year before.


Create yearly decorations for the tree

Every year I gift my sister with a photo ornament with an image of her family on it.  This year will be the 5th year I do this for her and even though she has come to expect it, I always surprise her with the image I choose for the ornament.  This year, she stopped hanging the photo ornaments on her tree this year and created a separate display to show them off.  They’re Christmas decorations that will evolve yearly and show how much her family has grown.


These are just a few photo gifts that I think will be loved and cherished by your friends and family.  Your thoughtfulness won’t go unnoticed and month after month or year after year your friends and family will be reminded of something special.  Ordering these and so many other gifts are easy to do, either online or at your favourite Foto Source location.

M- Foto Blog Team Member