Spread the warmth with Photo Mugs

Photo mugs are a great way to celebrate any occasion as well as to simply enjoy with your morning brew or nightly tea.  Photo mugs allow you to choose a wonderful or notable memory and share it with others.  Here are just a few occasions where a personalized photo mug may be the exact gift you are looking for.



Create two mugs for the happy couple; one for each, to always remember their milestone anniversary or just to enjoy while spending some time together.




Celebrate their special day with a photo mug.  As a bonus, include some of the birthday recipient’s favourite coffee, tea or hot chocolate (don’t forget the marshmallows)!

Teacher Appreciation Gifts

Your child’s artwork on a photo mug makes the perfect gift for any teacher.  Whether the gift is for Christmas, the end of year or just because their teacher is awesome, a photo mug is something they are sure to appreciate.


newborn_baby_mug.jpgNew Addition Announcement

If you are a soon-to-be parent you will surely be loading up on coffee once your newborn arrives so why not announce your new member of the family by sending photo mugs.  They make a great thank you for gift or take-a-way for a baby shower.

Get Well Wishes



Know someone that is feeling under the weather?  A photo mug will let them know you are thinking of them and wishing them a speedy recovery!


Vacation Memories

What better way to remember the sun and sand of your last vacation than to create a photo mug with your favourite shot of the trip?  This is a great way to have a souvenir from your vacation spots that you can make use of over and over again.


Pets are family too.  Whether you have a dog, cat, bird, hamster, fish, or a different pet, they all have a special place in our hearts.  Put their photo on a mug and enjoy an extra smile with a warm beverage.



Sports and activities are an important part of life.  Capture those moments by creating a photo mug with your favourite action shot.  These also make great gifts for coaches to thank them for taking the time out of their lives to help your child grow and develop.


There are so many ways to share memories with photo mugs.  Get creative, pick some special shots and get started.

Order photo mugs online or in-store at your local Foto Source location and start every morning with a smile.


K – Foto Blog Team Member


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