ProMaster Mobile Lens Kit

I’ve been using the ProMaster Mobile Lens Kit since Christmas 2016, it was at the top of my list because it looked really cool. I was interested to see what capabilities it had, and to see if it increased the quality of the camera on my phone. Unsurprisingly, this little kit has completely transformed my images and has given me the opportunity to take pictures I honestly didn’t know were possible on such a tight budget.


To start off, this kit includes a 180° fisheye lens that I have found to be beneficial when in groups and for those who want that classic circular look to the photo.


Processed with VSCO with a7 preset



The next lens that is in the kit is the 2x telephoto zoom lens, which gives you the capability to have, well, double the zoom as what your regular phone camera would have.


Next, which I have found the most use for, is the .65x wide angle lens. This add-on allows you to fit larger groups, or an overall large scene, into one image. I found this especially useful for when I go to concerts as being able to fit the entire stage or the whole crowd into the photo has really been a nice feature.Processed with VSCO with a8 preset

Lastly, which is probably my favourite lens in this whole kit, is the macro lens. IMG_6053I honestly
had low expectations of how well this little thing could work, and I couldn’t have been more wrong. This lens gives you the FULL capability of capturing every crack and crevice in your skin and shows you every detail your eye has to offer. This lens completely blew my mind, and all of my friends’ as well, since being able to see something so up-close isn’t always offered on a daily basis.



A common issue many people faced with this product was the inability to fit the lenses onto their tablets, or even the most basic of android phones. This problem was quickly fixed by ProMaster – in which they created the Mobile Lens Kit 2.0. This allows for every type of mobile device – including iPads and tablets, to have the functionality of using this awesome lens kit. Overall, this lens kit is definitely worth every penny. It is extremely portable with the small carrying case it comes with, is quick and easy to use, and only costs $99.99. For what it can do I’d definitely repurchase it down the line or buy it as a gift for someone else.


A – Foto Blog team member


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