Taking Photos at the Beach

Are you getting ready to escape the cold winter and head south for some sun?  If that’s your plan, we have a few tips for shooting photos while you’re at the beach.

First, your camera hates sand.  Sand is one of the fastest ways to ensure your camera will need a trip to the repair shop, so as much as you want to take your camera to the beach to grab those amazing sunset shots or photos of your kids playing in the surf, you need to be cautious.


If you’re lucky enough to have a more rugged camera like the Panasonic TS30 or Nikon W300 you won’t need to worry as much.  These cameras are sealed against moisture and sand, and as long as you’re prepared and don’t need to change your camera card or battery, you’ll be good at the beach.  If you have a DSLR or mirrorless camera with interchangeable lenses, however, you’ll need to decide in advance what lens you want to use at the beach.

Next, we think it’s important to make sure your camera bag will properly protect your camera when it’s not in use.  When I head to the beach, I bring my camera in a bag and wrap it in an extra bag just for protection when I’m lounging.  I know that might sound extra cautious, but to date, I’ve never had sand issues to deal with.

Magic Hour

Have you heard of magic hour?  It’s that perfect time of day where the light is amazing, and there are two opportunities to catch it every day.  Just after sunrise and just before sunset. The light is softer and more red than usual and the results you’ll get with photos is amazing.  It’s why they call it magic.  Timing your beach photos with magic hour is a sure way to improve them.

Beautiful sunrise over the sea


The rule of thirds is perfect for the beach.  Moving your horizon to the top third or bottom third of the frame will add interest to your image.  Be sure to keep your horizon line straight and don’t place your subject right in the middle of it.  The most appealing way to photograph your subject on the beach is placing them either above or below the horizon.  It gives the viewers eye less to think about when they’re processing the image.

guy carrying  girl on his back, at the beach, outdoors


The best thing you can do when you’re photographing at the beach is to experiment.  Take lots of images and use more than one exposure and camera setting.  Have fun!  You might even surprise yourself with the images you end up with.

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M – Foto Blog Team Member